Friday, August 29, 2014

Cabarete Bay

Bahía de Cabarete

Cabarete is a town that is located between a bay and a lagoon that has become popular among young people for its relaxed atmosphere, windsurfing and adventure tourism. A good emerging destination near the town of Sosua, in northern Dominican Republic attracts, in addition, for its beautiful beaches of golden white sand, clear warm waters and.

Fotos de Cabarete , Puerto-PlataComing storm in the Atlantic Ocean — Vihar jön az Atlanti Óceán felöl

We begin our journey through the history of Cabarete with Taino natives who inhabited this island for the first time, coming from the mouth of the Orinoco River in Venezuela, and were the first inhabitants of the archipelago and the Dominican Republic today. The Tainos were modest and peaceful people who are engaged in agriculture, fisheries and livestock. Their religion was polytheistic.

In 1492 the story hits a major turn with the discovery of America by Columbus and his three ships, the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria landed in the Caribbean in 1492, on December 5 on this island whose first name was The Spanish.

Cabarete is also known by the youth of its visitors and nightlife.

Mountain scenery, lakes, beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear water, great spots for sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, plus sports like scuba diving ... is a spectacle, a place in which to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Dominican Republic.
Cabarete is home year after year of significant evidence of global circuit kitesurf and windsurf (PKRA and PWA), is home to many schools in these sports and other adventure sports, with several organized excursions, or ecological tourism, various species of birds to see.

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